10 Black Friday Coffee Maker Deals to Expect in 2023

10 Black Friday Coffee Maker Deals to Expect in 2023

With the Black Friday shopping season approaching, getting a caffeine fix became more affordable. Several brands are gearing up to offer hefty discounts on their coffee machines, making this a great time to shop for a coffee maker for oneself or give it as a gift to loved ones. Based on last year’s offerings, here are the top 10 coffee maker deals to look forward to during Black Friday this year:

Drip coffee makers
Drip coffee makers are the most popular coffee machines found in most households. Their popularity can be attributed to their user-friendliness, affordability, durability, and performance speed. Some of the best deals on drip coffee makers on Black Friday last year included:

1. Buyers could get 17% off the Nespresso Essenza Mini by Breville (typically $179.) This sleek, compact coffee maker comes with two programmable cup sizes, a high-pressure pump, a fast-heat up system, eco-mode, and more, so users can get perfectly brewed coffee each time.

2. The CuisinArt coffee machine with a 12-cup carafe and 3-single size brewers (originally $229.95) was also discounted by 40%. This stunning brewing machine has a 40-ounce removable reservoir for fuss-free morning coffee. Other notable features include an energy-saving mode, remaining automatic, and a ready alert.

Espresso machines
Home espresso machines are ideal for those willing to pay for cafe-like coffee at home. While these machines typically cost more and can be labor-intensive, they are brilliant at extracting a delicious brew shot, making them a coffee lover’s delight. Last year, top deals on espresso machines included:

3. Mr. Coffee’s Espresso and Cappuccino Machine was discounted by 20% (typically $249.99). This stunning semi-automatic coffee maker boasts an automatic milk frother, intuitive panel control, and step-by-step instructions so users can extract the perfect shot of espresso each time.

4. The espresso machine by Galanz was also discounted by 29% (originally $169.99). This 2-in-1 espresso machine and single-serve coffee maker allows users to make cafe-like espressos, cappuccinos, and lattes at the push of a button.

5. Last year, Chefman’s Pro Barista Espresso Machine could also be snagged for just $99 (marked down from $139). This user-friendly machine has an internal cleaning system and a built-in milk frother.

French press
The manual French Press also called the press or plunger pot, is ideal for people on the move. This small, portable, easy-to-use, clean machine has a simple operating mechanism – add the coffee, pour hot water, steep, and plunge. The press uses a mesh metal filter to retain the coffee’s flavor oils (unlike paper filters).
Although these machines are within an affordable price range all year round, buyers noticed significant discounts at Black Friday sales last year. Some of them included:

6. Originally $70, Bodum offered their 12-cup French press at a discounted price of $30 at some Black Friday sales last year.

7. Buyers could get 38% off of Espro’s French Press, bringing its price down to $39.95 (typically $64.95). Similar deals are expected this year as well.

Moka Pot
The Moka Pot is a stove-top coffee maker, a more affordable alternative to an espresso machine. It produces a thick, creamy brew that many coffee lovers enjoy. It is also ideal to take camping, so one can make coffee on a camping stove or over the fire. Last year, some brands offered noteworthy deals on Moka Pot coffee makers for Black Friday. A couple of them included:

8. Alessi Pulcina’s stove-top coffee maker was discounted at major retailers like Amazon. Remarkably different for its tiered design and traditional brewing capabilities, this coffee maker was on sale for $85 (typically $120).

9. Bialetti Brikka’s 2-cup Moka Pot was on sale for just $49 (originally $60). The Brikka pot is suitable for making coffee on gas cooktops, electric stove tops, and propane camping stoves. Buyers can also get the adapter plate for use on induction cooktops.

Pour-over coffee makers
A pour-over coffee maker can be used to make gently brewed coffee. Depending on the size of the machine, it can take anywhere between one cup of coffee to a carafe full. To make a pour-over coffee, medium-coarse grounds are placed in a paper filter, and hot water is added in batches. The water filters through and empties into a cup or carafe for a delicious, full-bodied brew. Due to its manual drip process, making coffee using this method can take longer. Despite the love and effort, many coffee lovers swear by pour-over coffee makers. Those interested in trying these out must watch out for Black Friday sales 2023.

10. One of the top deals from last year came from Bodum, whose classic pour-over maker was available for just $20 (originally $27) at some retailers.

Several other brands like GE, AeroPress, OXO, Keurig, Takeya, Black and Decker, Bruvi, Ninja, Philips, Cafe Affetto, Jura, Delonghi, Nespresso, etc. also hosted stunning discounts on their coffee makers. Watch out for deals across these brands on Black Friday 2023.