4 tips to choose the right kitchen furniture

4 tips to choose the right kitchen furniture

Choosing the right kitchen furniture can be a tedious task, especially if you are planning to revamp the space. It is important to make sure the furniture blends well with the setup of the kitchen. So, if you are moving into a new house or simply revamping your current space, here are some helpful tips that can help you easily select kitchen furniture.

Shape of the furniture
This is one of the most critical factors that one needs to consider while buying kitchen furniture. Typically, the shape of the kitchen decides the furniture shape. For instance, a square/rectangle or an L-shaped kitchen will require a simple scheme of cabinets along the walls and an island in the middle. You can also place bar stools if you have an open plan kitchen.

Size matters
Choosing bulky furniture for a small kitchen is one of the most common mistakes. It can make the space look small, limiting movement at the same time. The larger your kitchen, the more room you get to experiment with the furniture. Small and medium-sized kitchens require smart planning. The furniture for these kitchens can include portable islands, cabinets, pantry shelves, etc. Hence, looking for furniture sets or combos that are specifically customized according to the kitchen area can minimize the hassle of picking individual pieces of the same.

Type of material
This is yet another important aspect of choosing kitchen furniture. While there are granite and wooden countertops, options like medium-density fiberboard are becoming popular among homeowners. Interior designers recommend furniture that ensures both safety and durability. Choose a lighter material for a smaller kitchen and a combination of materials if you have a large kitchen space. However, avoid choosing plastic materials for kitchen furniture as they are less tolerable to temperatures and might also change color and texture with time.

Color and finish
Kitchen furniture usually comes in two types of finish – glossy and matte. While furniture made of metal has a glossy texture, giving your kitchen sleek and modern, it is prone to show scratch marks with time. However, furniture with a matte finish has the benefit of concealing scratches. Even if you choose furniture with a metal finish, you can spray a scratch-proof solution before using the furniture. Apart from this, choosing lighter color tones for kitchen furniture enhances its aesthetics, making it look more spacious.