Top 6 cable TV service providers you can pick from

Top 6 cable TV service providers you can pick from

In American households, television has always been regarded as the most quintessential requirement. Since its initial arrival back in the 1900s, TV connection and its range of channels has come a long, long way.

In this article, we’ll share with you six of the best cable service providers of today.


At number one on our list is DIRECTV, which is the most prominent TV cable provider in the country. It offers you more than 200 channels that have networks all across Latin America and the US. With them, you can choose from different package schemes, and you can add or remove the premium channels, as required. Even the most basic package has more than 60 channels, payable at $35 a month. Sports lovers will especially enjoy the bumper sports-centric packages offered by DIRECTV.


If there’s a hot favorite in the TV provider industry, then it has to be DISH. The company started back in the 1980s and is today a Fortune 250 brand. It is primarily appreciated by customers for its premium but affordable plans that give you access to channels for movies, sports, and TV shows. With DISH, you can get a basic package of 190 channels for $59.99 per month.

Verizon Fios

This is the first cable service provider to offer 100% fiber-optic service in the country, which is presently available in nine states in the country. However, it has a huge customer base of five million users. Fios is synonymous with better cable, and the company indeed assures crisp quality and high download speeds.


Cox is one of the best cable service providers in the country. It offers seven different TV packages, of which the most basic one starts at $25 per month, and gives you access to plenty of channels, local news, and live events. The good thing about the Cox plans is that you get free access to HD channels, irrespective of the plan you opt for.

Spectrum TV®

Spectrum has been in the business of cable TV services since 1993. The company offers its fantastic services to over 44 states and has a vast customer base. With them, you get a choice of three packages, of which the introductory package gives you access to 125+ channels and starts at $44.99 when bundled.


How can a list of the best cable service providers ever be complete without the mention of Broadstripe? This provider is headquartered in Millersville, Maryland, and offers phenomenal cable services to the communities in Maryland. It services both the commercial, as well as residential consumers. You’ll get 195 channels with it, including some of the most popular options for entertainment, movies, and sports. In this, you’ll have an option of pay per view.

As you can see, some of the most incredible brands offer traditional cable services. These entertainment options can never be replaced by newer OTT (over the top) television services that provide a streaming experience. You can still get excellent picture quality, versatility, value for money, and huge channel variety, making these providers highly recommended.