Top 5 desserts for migraine sufferers

Top 5 desserts for migraine sufferers

With a migraine, anything one eats can be a trigger. But that does not mean that one needs to skip out on desserts and other foods they enjoy. Swapping out certain ingredients can help create a migraine-friendly meal plan and boost one’s health. Gluten and sugar, the main ingredients in most desserts, are also the biggest triggers for people with migraine. Try these five updated dessert recipes to continue enjoying one’s favorite foods even with a migraine:

Carrot muffins
Made with migraine-friendly ingredients like carrots, gluten-free flour, and cinnamon, carrot muffins are loaded with magnesium and antioxidants to help keep migraine headaches under control, making them a great dessert or snack option.

“Chocolate” pudding
For many people, the phenylethylamine in chocolate has been linked to migraine headaches. Try switching cocoa with carob powder and sweetening it with dates to create a chocolate-free “chocolate” pudding that tastes like the real deal. Using cooked millet instead of flour gives this dessert an added dose of magnesium.

Almond-orange cake with cream cheese frosting
Prepare a delicious almond-orange cake with almond flour, oranges, and eggs. It comes together quickly and is a delicious gluten-free low-carb option for migraine sufferers. Frost it with cream cheese to give it a birthday cake that looks perfect for any party.

Not-ella Carob Butter
This simple 5-ingredient recipe only calls for toasted sunflower seeds, hemp seeds, stevia, carob powder, and coconut oil. It is ideal for people missing out on name-brand chocolate spreads and can be paired with fruit for a quick, healthy, and migraine-friendly dessert.

Strawberries and cream pop
Are you missing ice cream? Here’s the perfect hack! Use a freezer pop maker to make some at home using coconut milk, strawberries, natural stevia, and vanilla extract. These candy pops are low in sugar and rich in antioxidants from berries and healthy fats from coconut oil. For a different flavor profile, feel free to swap the strawberries out for another fruit that does not generally trigger migraines, such as peaches, blueberries, or mangoes.

Triggers differ for every person with a migraine. Therefore, it is important to recognize one’s triggers and avoid them. Although finding the right dessert options may be tough, making small changes, like swapping almond flour for gluten flour or sugar for stevia or dates, can go a long way.