Top 5 auto insurance providers you can consider

Top 5 auto insurance providers you can consider

The auto insurance market is predominantly ruled by some reputed insurers. The top 10 auto insurance companies in the country take a big share of the pie by capturing around 72% of the market. When you go out to purchase auto insurance, you will have a plethora of services offered at various prices by different providers.

Auto insurance providers to know about

To help you choose the best, here are the top five insurance providers that you can consider.


You might come across the witty commercials by GEICO, which ensure the company always has the top of the mind recall value with their customers. However, it is actually known for the support and services it provides to the customers. It has a customer satisfaction rate, which is as high as 97% and has been named the ‘most desired auto insurance provider’ by the Kanbay Research Institute.

State Farm

Among the largest auto insurance companies in the country, State Farm owns 17% of the total market share. It is one of the best options to consider if you want to have a local agent who can give you a more personalized experience at rates which you might not find anywhere else. The popularity of the company can be gauged from the fact that almost one in every five dollars, which is spent to pay premiums for private passenger insurance in the country, is believed to be paid to State Farm. The average premium for six months can cost you around $356.


People who have had a history of accidents can feel no hassle in getting auto insurance when they go to this provider. It offers special rates to such drivers. Established in 1937, the company has grown and become one of the top leading auto insurance providers in the country. It offers the ease of buying auto insurance online or through the phone. Also, it gives the option of signing up through agents to the customers. On average, the six-month auto insurance premium will cost you around $462.


The company has some great claims and high satisfaction customer ratings. However, the premium can be a bit on the higher end with Allstate. Just like State Farm, Allstate also offers a personalized experience to its customers through its local agents and has a workforce of more than 79,000 people to ensure all customer needs are taken care of. On average, a six-month auto insurance premium by Allstate will cost you around $695.


USAA falls under the category of the best auto insurance providers in the country. It has qualification criteria for customers. If you meet these criteria, you can get a great deal, commendable customer service, and fast claim response. However, the only flip side of the company is its restricted membership. The company was established in 1922 by a team of army officers. Hence, today it has millions of people from the U.S. Army as its customers. Its customers include former and current members of the U.S. military force, family members of those who are currently serving the army, and midshipmen. The six-month premium for your auto insurance by the USAA costs about $215.