Top 4 travel mistakes to avoid

Top 4 travel mistakes to avoid

Whether it is for business or pleasure, traveling calls for meticulous planning and execution. Frequent travelers probably have their own set of tried and tested tricks to easily move through airports, avoid being stranded or stuck in a foreign place, and have an altogether safe and efficient trip. As most of us resume travel after a long break, it is important to revisit and avoid common traveling mistakes for a smooth journey.

This is a common issue for most people regardless of the number of trips they have taken in the past. The art of packing light doesn’t have to be complicated. It is okay to repeat a few outfits to make space for the essentials. Also, wouldn’t you want to set aside some space in case you decide to go shopping on your trip? To avoid paying an excess baggage fee, review your itinerary and pack accordingly.

No cell phone plan
One of the common traveling mistakes is completely relying on Wi-Fi. However, not every café, station, or hotel is likely to offer free or reasonably fast internet. So, when you have no access to the Wi-Fi, you wouldn’t want to be stranded and have no means of calling for help. This is why you must always look for affordable cell phone plans while traveling. You may get a local sim to avoid any exorbitant traveling fees/prices on your original plan.

Not notifying your bank
You must always check if your cards can be used internationally, and if they are not activated for international travel, you can either do it through the mobile app or ask the bank to provide access. Credit cards can get blocked when swiped in another country if your bank has not been informed about the travel plans and destination beforehand.

No buffer between flights
International travel could mean that there is no direct flight to your destination, and you might have to book a connecting flight. You should check the connection time or duration of the layover and ensure that you have enough time to board the second flight. Not including a buffer period of at least a few hours is a serious traveling mistake that would result in missing the next flight if your first trip is delayed or canceled. You should account for such uncertainties in the schedule for all modes of travel.

If you’re planning to visit Iceland, you can go on a tour in your own vehicle. These tours start directly from the airport and have flexible durations. They range from day tours to three-week long drives, covering everything from Reykjavik to Westfjords.

If you are traveling through Europe, there are many walking and hiking tours that you can choose. Experiencing the wild trails is an adventure on its own! You can also skip lines when visiting historical monuments like The Colosseum, Sistine Chapel in Vatican City, the Louvre Museum, Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. You can also hire a private guide and book skip-the-line tickets for various tourist attractions in Italy like Rome, Venice, and Florence.

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