Top 10 debt settlement companies to consider

Top 10 debt settlement companies to consider

A lot of people get stuck in debt due to many reasons. The interest rates keep adding up, taking a toll on an individual’s financial stability. In such a case, debt settlement can be quite helpful if you wish to settle a large amount. Here is a list of top 10 debt settlement companies that you can consider to help ease the burden off your shoulders.

  • National Debt Relief
    National Debt Relief has the most detailed insights on their website that can help you with debt settlement. It talks about the debt qualification, the amount of money you need to pay for enrolments as well as the debt relief services that they offer. The average savings after the fees is around 30%.
  • CreditAssociates
    This particular company is known for helping clients with the elimination of debt. They undertake this entire process between twenty-four to thirty-six months. They use enhanced software, and the outstanding expertise of their team to help their clients with great debt negotiation services.
  • Pacific Debt Inc
    This is one of the top 10 debt settlement companies that you can consider. You need to have a minimum of $10,000 in debt to avail their services. They offer an affordable monthly program/plan with payment as well as upfront fees. The service fees can vary somewhere between 15% and 20% of the entire debt.
  • United Debt Counselors
    If you are looking for an online debt settlement company, then this is a great option. It works specifically for personalized debt settlement. You need to pay about 30% to 40% of your debt to avail the reduction services.
  • CuraDebt
    CuraDebt is another company that offers debt settlement services with a great savings average. It offers 40% reduction after fees. You can opt for any of their business debt solutions that they offer. Their reliable customer service also helps with debt-related queries.
  • New Era Debt Solutions
    The average debt reduction for this company is about 47%. In this, you can expect the debts to get settled in three years or even less, depending on how the program gets funded. They do not charge any upfront fees.
  • Midland Credit Management
    This company is dedicated to helping different customers resolve past debt. They also have varied payment plans and discounts for their clients. You can check their impressive account history, which can be accessed online.
  • ZipDebt
    ZipDebt is also a great option to consider. It offers a flat fee, which includes $197 for a basic program and $777 for a premium program. You will end up receiving a lot of materials that can help you bypass the different settlement companies through which you can avoid bankruptcy. Their fees are negotiable and reasonable as well.

Two of the other companies that you can consider while looking to settle your debt are mentioned below. They have a good track record and you can find different offers on both:

  • Donaldson Williams
  • J.G Wentworth Debt Relief

We hope our list of top 10 debt settlement companies helps you ease your accumulated debt. Consider and choose the best option for yourself. We recommend you to compare the prices and do a thorough research before you settle on one company.