Pros and cons of invisible dog fence

Pros and cons of invisible dog fence

Pet owners most likely don’t like the idea of confining their dog within a room or fence. However, if the dog is hyperactive or aggressive, having a fence around your house can save the pet from unfortunate accidents and wild encounters with other dogs. It keeps them from entering the neighbor’s porch too. While there are many fencing options, we’re here to share the pros and cons of the invisible fence.

Pros of invisible fence

  • Aesthetically pleasing
    An invisible fence is for people who want to enjoy the feeling of being outdoors and, at the same time, do not want the barriers to interfere with the view of the green yards. It also eliminates the need for a gate. So people can move around the space without opening and closing the gate a gazillion times. An invisible fence allows the house owner to retain their view as they please.
  • Convenient
    The traditional fence takes much longer to get installed as compared to an electric fence, which also makes this option much more reasonable. An invisible fence also eliminates the need for fence posts, nailing boards, rolling wire, or welding iron.
  • Can be adapted to any terrain
    While conventional fences work only on flat or slightly sloping yards, invisible fences work in all terrains. One can even have an electric fence closer to their house or on their house walls to avoid break-ins and other mishaps. Also, the dogs can be trained to understand their boundaries by placing flags in the initial stages. You can remove the flags gradually.

Cons of invisible fence

  • Training is essential
    With an electric fence, your pet may definitely need some training at the beginning. Although, the plus with an invisible fence is that it beeps before someone reaches the fence to avoid electric impulse. Once your pet gets acquainted with the sound of the invisible fence, they soon start respecting the boundary.
  • Behavioral change due to the barrier
    Your dog may not be comfortable when they see other dogs roaming freely on the streets. This could induce frustration in your pets, and they may have a hard time adjusting to the fence. Friendly dogs may also get aggressive when they cannot greet another human, or a dog due to the barrier.