Foods to eat and avoid for migraine

Foods to eat and avoid for migraine

Most times, headaches cause major discomfort in our regular activities which can lead to a lack of interest in completing tasks. Migraines are a severe form of headaches that causes intense pain that could last from a few hours to days on end. It can also affect other physical activities as well. Migraines are usually caused due to a lack of food and sleep; however, the exact cause of migraine is still unknown. Besides other treatment options, there are some foods that can help manage the condition effectively.

Food habits to follow:

Intake of vegetables and fruits

Vegetables and fruits have many beneficial factors and help our body in many ways. Whole and natural foods that contain no artificial flavoring and preservatives keep us healthy and avoid conditions such as migraine. Different types of fruits and vegetables in any color can act as pain relief in case of migraine. However, it is important to avoid citrus fruits as it can trigger a migraine. Natural sweeteners such as vanilla extract and maple syrup can also be beneficial.

Healthy fresh meat
Always go for fresh meat and avoid processed meat. Fresh meat such as chicken, fish, or red meat are considered to be safe for those suffering from migraines. Red meat and salmon contain a good amount of vitamin B2 that helps in relieving migraine pain. Smoked and processed meat, however, contain a high amount of salt, preservatives, and artificial coloring that can trigger a migraine.

Eat mini meals
Hunger is one of the most common reasons for migraines. Eating three large meals can leave you hungry very often and lead to headaches. Eating foods in small portions during the day reduces hunger and helps eradicate migraine. Make sure you eat enough to stay active throughout the day.

Drink lots of water
Water has many benefits and helps our body in different ways. Keeping yourself hydrated is the best way to stay healthy. Drinking around 8 to 10 glasses of water daily keeps you away from many diseases and helps relieve migraine pain too.

Brown rice
They are a great source of magnesium and are slowly digestible which helps in maintaining blood sugar levels. These benefits of brown rice help in fighting migraines.

Bland foods
Avoiding spice can help in soothing a migraine. Bland foods also help in better digestion and reduce nausea which are interconnected to migraines.

Food habits to refrain from:

Avoid cultured dairy products

Cultured dairy products such as cheese and yogurt are rich in tyramine which are present in protein-rich products. Tyramine present in dairy products can trigger migraines and those suffering from it are advised to avoid them.

Reduced the intake of alcohol
Excessive consumption of alcohol leads to dehydration, and this leads to the cause of migraines. Drinking alcohol relaxes blood vessels which increases the blood flow to the brain. Especially, red wine should be avoided if you suffer from migraines regularly as it has a high level of histamine, serotonin, and sulfites which are the key elements to trigger the condition.

Intake of caffeine needs to be limited to 200mg per day. Excessive intake of caffeine results in a severe migraine. Caffeine is added to many over-the-counter medicines to treat migraine; however, an increased amount of caffeine reverses its healing effects.

Apart from these foods, one can also try the following nasal sprays and medications that may help in relieving migraine.

Zomig® Nasal Spray
Zomig® belongs to a class of medications called Zolmitriptan, a selective serotonin receptor agonist. The spray is inhaled through the nose, providing relief from mild migraine headaches. A second dose can be taken two hours after the first dose if the migraine returns. However, if the migraine returns after the second dose, then consult a doctor.

Onzetra® Xsail® Nasal Spray
It is prescribed for acute migraines with or without aura in adults. Belonging to the class of Sumatriptan medications, this nasal spray is in powdered form and has to be inhaled through a device. Once inhaled, the medicine is quickly absorbed by the absorbent tissues and blood vessels in the nose.

Imitrex® Nasal Spray
This nasal spray belongs to the same class of medications as Onzetra® Xsail®. It narrows the blood vessels around the brain, blocking pain signals. Sumatriptan comes in a powdered form and is inhaled through the nose using a breath-powered delivery device. It can be used a second time if symptoms of migraine return after the first dose.

Nurtec ODT (rimegepant)
This is a new treatment option for migraines. The FDA-approved medication can be used in the treatment of acute migraine episodes with or without aura. The medication is available in the form of a 75 mg tablet. It can be consumed orally without water when a person starts experiencing migraine symptoms. Nurtec ODT is a fast and effective way to deal with an acute migraine.

Aimovig is a part of the class of medication called calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP). It’s an FDA-approved medication that works by blocking the activation of protein CGRP, which can produce a migraine attack. It contains a monoclonal antibody called erenumab, and is usually prescribed for both episodic and chronic migraine headaches. Aimovig is an injectable medication that must be taken once a month. It can help bring down the number of monthly migraine days.

Ubrelvy® for migraine relief info
Ubrelvy® is an FDA-approved oral medication used to treat and manage chronic migraine pain. This medication belongs to a class of CGRP antagonists designed to block the protein that triggers migraine attacks. One can take this oral medication as soon as migraine symptoms start for prolonged relief. One can purchase this medication online and avail discounts using manufacturer coupons like the Ubrelvy® U-Save Card from their official website.