Best tech deals to check out for Black Friday

Best tech deals to check out for Black Friday

Black Friday is approaching, and this year it will fall on the 25th of November. If you are browsing for the best 2022 Black Friday Tech Sales, you might have arrived too early. However, with this post on the top twenty best tech sales of last year, you should also be able to determine what will be available this year. So here are the tech products that were available at unbelievable prices last year.

Various stores offered Black Friday tech Sales in the laptop section. While some brands offer discounts throughout the year, the best deals are available for laptops during Black Friday. Some brands with free shipping offer significant price cuts. A few of the best Black Friday sales for laptops last year were:

  • The 13-inch Apple MacBook Air laptop was available for around $849 plus free shipping.
  • The price of top-rated laptops started at around $119, and free shipping was offered.
  • Up to 50 % off on top-rated laptops as well as free shipping.
  • Laptops from HP started at around $179 plus free shipping.
  • The HP 15.6-inch laptop with Microsoft 365 bundle plus Mouse and free shipping was available on the brand website for an unbelievable price.
  • The Lenovo 11-inch Chromebook Flex 3 started at around $149 plus free shipping.
  • The 14.1-inch Core Innovations laptop was offered for around $179 with free shipping.

With smartwatches in trend due to their high utility, people have been searching for good Black Friday Sales and deals on them. So, let us showcase here some of the Black Friday last year’s deals in the smartwatch segment:

  • The Apple Smart Watch Series 3 was available for around $169 and with no shipping costs.
  • Up to 30 % off on smartwatches from Fitbit. This also included free shipping.
  • Up to 48% off on branded smartwatches such as Garmin and free shipping at various retailers.
  • Up to 57% off on branded smartwatches such as Fitbit and activity trackers.
  • Up to 30% off on branded smartwatches such as Samsung, Bluetooth buds, and more, plus free shipping for Prime members.
  • Up to 40% off and free shipping on various brands of smartwatches, and free shipping.

Are you looking to upgrade your smartphone, or do you want to gift someone close to you a phone? Buying a smartphone is tricky as you need to consider various factors and whether you want the latest generation or an older one. The advantages of a smartphone are that you have access to multiple new and advanced features and functions. Let us list here some of the best Black Friday Sales in the smartphone section for the last year:

  • Up to around $270 off on smartphones from OnePlus.
  • Up to 80% off on branded 5G phones such as Samsung Galaxy S20.
  • Up to 50% off and free shipping on branded phones like Samsung.
  • The 64 GB iPhone SE was available for the discounted price of around $149.
  • You could save up to around $400 on branded phones such as Samsung Galaxy Z Series at various retailers.
  • You could get up to 43% off on unlocked Samsung Phones and cases.
  • You could get the Google Pixel 5A at a discounted price at quite a few retailers. The 9% discount in price makes it a pocket-friendly option if you’re in the market for a smartphone.

Tips for buying tech products

Using high-tech devices has become the new normal today. Everyone from grandparents to school kids has a smartphone nowadays. These high-tech devices change quickly due to constant innovation and the release of new models. New updates have also been added to these devices to make them more advanced and user-friendly. So, our guide will provide you with some tips for buying the best tech products.

  • Compare prices and quotes.
  • Check capabilities per your needs and requirements.
  • Check various retailers for the deals available.
  • Look for coupon codes or discounts online.
  • Wait to purchase add-on software.
  • Consider safety and security when making online purchases.
  • Read reviews and then make a buying decision.

This post has explored the top 20 best Black Friday Tech Sales from the last year to help you determine this year’s trend for deals. We have also elaborated on some tips to make your purchase more efficient for tech products. It is always suggested to research, explore well, plan per the needs and requirements, and then make an informed decision.