Apple iPhone 14 Series – Models, Features, and Expected Deals

Apple iPhone 14 Series – Models, Features, and Expected Deals

Ever since their launch in 2007, Apple’s iPhones have left an indelible mark on their users, keeping them at the edge of their seats for new iPhone releases. Last year, Apple launched its much-awaited iPhone 14 series, including the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max, each with distinct, remarkable features. This article lists the features and specs of each, along with expected iPhone 14 deals on Black Friday 2023.

1. iPhone 14
The iPhone 14 is equipped with a host of exclusive features, including splash, water, and dust resistance; an A15 bionic chip; a 12MP true-depth camera; haptic feedback; a 6.1-inch all-screen OLED display; and 2532*1170-pixel resolution at 460 ppi. Some of its best features include long battery life, fingerprint resistance, an elegant HDR display, and support for the simultaneous display of multiple languages and characters. The starting price of the iPhone 14 is $799; however, last Black Friday, this iPhone was available at lucrative discounts on various ecommerce websites. For example, Xfinity offered the users with a $500 off. Hence, even this year, one can expect to bag the iPhone 14 at discounted prices.

2. iPhone 14 Pro
With its 6.1-inch super retina XDR display and 2556-by-1179-pixel resolution at 460 ppi, the iPhone 14 Pro won the hearts of several Apple fans last year. While this phone entails most of the cutting-edge features of the classic iPhone 14, some of its features are more advanced besides its bigger display. For example, the phone consists of the Dynamic Island (the pill-shaped area on the iPhone displays background apps and iPhone alerts), an A16 bionic chip, a longer battery life, and a better design. The starting price of the iPhone 14 Pro is $999. Last year, the iPhone 14 Pro was available at a discount of up to $500 on Xfinity and at highly discounted prices on other websites such as Walmart and Verizon.

3. iPhone 14 Pro Max
The iPhone 14 Pro Max entails a stunning 6.7-inch super-retina XDR always-on display and 2796-by-1290-pixel resolution at 460 ppi. Undoubtedly, it boasts the best display among the iPhone 14 series. It shares several premium features with the iPhone 14 Pro, including the Dynamic Island, wide color, HDR display, haptic touch, fingerprint resistance, and support for the simultaneous display of multiple languages and characters. Originally priced at $1,599, the iPhone 14 Pro Max was available to buyers at huge discounts last Black Friday. For example, Verizon offered up to $1,000 off on the iPhone 14 Pro Max when a user traded an old phone. On the other hand, Visible came up with lucrative deals on this iPhone in addition to a $300 virtual gift card last year. iPhone users can expect to buy the iPhone 14 Pro Max at discounted rates during the upcoming Black Friday 2023.

Comparing the features of iPhone 13 and iPhone 14
The iPhone 13 series, released a year prior to the iPhone 14, also entails several cutting-edge features. However, the iPhone 14 series goes a step ahead, redefining convenience, performance, and user experience:

1. Bigger battery
While the iPhone 13 consists of a 3227 mAh battery, the iPhone 14 entails a 3279 mAh battery. Generally, the bigger a phone’s battery, the better its energy storage capacity. 

2. More RAM storage
The iPhone 14 is equipped with 6GB RAM storage, compared to 4GB RAM in the iPhone 13.

3. Increased thickness
The iPhone 14 is 7.8mm thick, compared to the iPhone 13’s thickness of 7.65mm. Thicker phones are generally easier and more comfortable to hold. 

4. 5-core CPU
Compared to a 4-core CPU in the iPhone 13, the iPhone 14 entails a 5-core CPU, facilitating increased speed and efficiency and making it highly suitable for gaming.

5. Bluetooth
The iPhones 13 and 14 consist of Bluetooth 5.0 and 5.3, respectively. The latter is observed to be faster and more stable.

6. Longer battery life
The iPhone 13 has a battery life of 19 hours, whereas the iPhone 14 is up to 26 hours.

Based on last year’s deals, the iPhone 14 series is expected to go on sale even this year on e-commerce websites like Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, Verizon, and Xfinity. Also, don’t forget to check the offers provided by mobile network operators for exciting trade-in deals and data plan offers.