All about the interiors and exteriors of 2019 Toyota Highlander

All about the interiors and exteriors of 2019 Toyota Highlander

The 2019 Toyota Highlander is a mid-sized SUV that packs a V6 engine, which makes driving this car an efficient and adventurous experience. It is a comfortable car with luxurious interiors and a stylish design. One of the best things this SUV is that it comes with a range of modern safety features.

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This SUV comes in eight models, each one as stylish as impressive as the other. The appearance impresses you from the very first time you look at it. The front of the SUV has powerful headlights and separate grille designs for each model. The 19-inch alloy wheels with multiple spokes grant it a very sporty appearance, which you can enhance even further with its Nightshade Edition Package. You will get a rear spoiler with black trim, mirror and door-handle caps, and shark-fin antenna. To hold the design together, the makers have also included black fog lights and headlights.

The 2019 Toyota Highlander exteriors offer a plethora of impressive features. While its smart key system offers easy accessibility, its advanced windshield and rear wipers make sure your visibility is never compromised even in the most trying weather. The windows have UV light-reduction glasses, which will keep you safe from the sun even in longer journeys. The SUV also has a moonroof with sunshade, which you can operate with just one touch. The car also comes with roof rails to ensure that you can carry your extra luggage safely.

The 2019 Toyota Highlander comes with a comfortable and feature-rich interior. It is roomy and can make space for up to eight people to sit comfortably. Also, irrespective of where you are sitting, you can keep your gadgets charged with three front and two rear USB ports. Another great aspect of this vehicle is its adaptable cargo space. If the dedicated cargo is not enough for you, the third-row seat can be folded flat to make extra room for your luggage. The SUV also makes sure that you can enjoy the journey with your loved ones even more with its quiet interiors. Its floor is covered with silencing materials and the windshield has acoustic-type glass to make sure that outside-sounds cannot bother you. You can also choose a color scheme for the interiors according to your taste. The available options are saddle tan, black, almond, and ash.

The SUV comes with an 8-inch touchscreen display in the front, which lets you comfortably use the car’s navigation system and various apps. The rear-seat entertainment system of the 2019 Toyota Highlander has been designed to make sure that people in the back can enjoy the journey even more. It comes with a 9-inch display, two wireless headsets, and a remote control. One of the most special features of this SUV is the “Easy Speak” system, which enables the driver to communicate better with people sitting at the back.

This stylish and powerful 2019 Toyota Highlander can be yours today for a price ranging between USD 31,830 – 47,510.