7 foods one should avoid before bedtime

7 foods one should avoid before bedtime

Finding it hard to sleep at night? Staying away from your phone and reducing psychological stress can help, but these are not enough. You also need to be wise when choosing foods late in the evening and before bedtime. Some foods have ingredients that can induce insomnia and cause tummy troubles, making it hard to sleep well at night. Below, we’ve listed seven such foods you should avoid eating before hitting the sack.

Post-dinner chocolate cravings are pretty common, but it’s not good when struggling to get proper sleep. Chocolates, especially dark chocolate, contain lots of caffeine, which can prevent you from getting deep, restful sleep.

Talking about caffeine, it’s hard not to mention coffee. A shot of espresso is a go-to late-night drink for many, but it can hurt your objective of sound sleep. Coffee contains very high levels of caffeine, more than dark chocolate. So, it’s best to avoid any type of coffee at least six hours before bedtime.

Potato chips
Potato chips are fried foods loaded with unhealthy fats. Such foods take long to digest, cause indigestion, and can keep you up at night. Some studies even show that eating lots of fried, greasy foods can cause disturbing dreams.

Donuts are one of the worst foods to eat before sleeping. They’re high in both fat and sugar. Too much sugar can cause a spike in blood glucose and then a sudden crash, disrupting sleep patterns. Digestive issues from excess fats can further make matters worse.

A glass or two of wine can indeed make you feel relaxed and even drowsy. But, it can also lower sleep quality. Drinking wine just before going to bed can cause you to wake up in the middle of the night or early in the morning to use the bathroom.

Oranges are super healthy, but they shouldn’t be your choice of fruit before bedtime. They’re highly acidic and can be tough on the digestive system. The acidic nature of oranges is especially harmful to those with acid reflux or a sensitive bladder.

There are multiple reasons to skip dishes that contain tomatoes late at night. Tomatoes are highly acidic and can cause heartburn and indigestion. They also have tyramine, an amino acid that can stimulate brain activity, delaying or preventing sleep. You must also avoid using tomato ketchup as a condiment.