5 ways to maximize the use of expired coupons

5 ways to maximize the use of expired coupons

Coupons are an excellent way to save money. They can help you save big on just about everything from food to appliances, clothing, and more, at various stores and restaurants around the country. If you’re thinking you can’t use them post-expiry, we have news for you! There are many tips and tricks to ensure you can make the most of your coupons even after their expiration.

  • Don’t cut off or hide the expiration date
    Don’t hide the expiration date by crossing it or cutting it out, because stores are less likely to accept a coupon without an expiration date.
  • Check if the coupon has a grace period
    Several manufacturers have a grace period of a few days on their coupons. Check the fine print or research the coupon online before throwing it out just because it has reached its expiration date.
  • Check if the store has a grace period
    Many stores are relaxed about coupon expiration dates, and may be willing to accept it even a few days after. Stores such as Bed, Bath & Beyond, Michael’s, Staples, and Petsmart are well-known for this option. However, they are more likely to accept their own coupons over those from a manufacturer. Call the store in advance to find out whether they would be willing to accept any kind of expired coupons.

Other stores and restaurants that also accept expired coupons for a few days include Arby’s, Bath and Body Works, Burger King, Buy Buy Baby, Culvers, CVS Pharmacy, Harris Teeters, and PetCo.

  • Ask for a coupon exchange
    If the store is strict about using expired coupons, ask the cashier if they have any exchanges available. Deals are generally recycled throughout the week, and cashiers at some stores may be able to help you out with a valid coupon.
  • Donate your coupons to overseas military families
    If you’ve tried all means at your disposal but are unable to get your coupons to work, you can consider donating them to military families. Based on some policies, troops stationed overseas may use coupons up to six months after expiration. Get in touch with a volunteer group that can help you send your coupons to overseas bases to help military members save money.

Often, online coupons can help you save the hassle and use your coupons more effectively. They eliminate the need to hunt or exchange coupons, with other agencies and extensions doing it for free or for a small fee. These services allow you to use coupons online or in-store, with constant access to them, thus relieving you of the stress of forgetting to carry a coupon or struggling to use it on the right products and stores. Since these services can be accessed right from your phone, you carry them with you wherever you go.