5 things one should avoid doing on a cruise

5 things one should avoid doing on a cruise

Cruises are one of the most luxurious ways to embark on a vacation trip. You get to stay on board surrounded by amenities and services while also experiencing various places and their cultures. Luxury cruises to the Arctic are one of the best options to embark on a long journey. However, one needs to avoid certain “don’ts” while on a luxury cruise. Some of them include the following:

Teeth whitening
One of the many benefits of being aboard a luxury cruise to the Arctic is that you can take advantage of numerous spas and other personal grooming activities. One of those services provided is a teeth whitening treatment. You might even be able to seal a deal at a cheaper rate than usual, and the service will surely meet the cruise and personal standards. That said, the post-treatment can pose a problem. The treatment will possibly leave you with sore gums, making you incapable of enjoying any activity on board.

Hoarding food
Cruises have a buffet menu, and you are free to choose whatever you want. In fact, some even offer a 24X7 buffet, making sure you do not have to compromise on sleep or other activities. That said, people often tend to pile mountains of food on their plates, eventually wasting it. Instead of overindulging yourself and inviting stomach ache, you can try different dishes every day. You can even skip the buffet once in a while and try out different cafes and restaurants onboard.

Unnecessary reservation of things
Another thing commonly hoarded on luxury polar cruises to the Arctic is sunbed or deck chairs. If you “reserve” sunbeds for your family or friends and wait for them to come, you rob someone else of their time in the sun. It also extends to people planting themselves on the sunbed for the day. You can instead divide your time among other activities in combination with sunbathing.

People often tend to go overboard while packing for vacations. The same can be a possibility while packing for a luxury cruise to the Arctic. Don’t forget to pack your essentials that might help you withstand the weather change without having to curl up in your room. But, at the same time, remember that there are laundry services available onboard, and you don’t have to weigh yourself down with loads of luggage.

Being rude
Above all else, maintain a courteous attitude with the staff. Do not use them as an outlet for your frustrations. Be on your best behavior at all times. This will help you leave the cruise with a lifetime of memories.

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