5 signs that may indicate anemia

5 signs that may indicate anemia

Anemia is a condition where there are not sufficient healthy red blood cells or hemoglobin to transport oxygen to the body’s tissues. There are various causes of this blood deficiency and also risk factors that could worsen its condition. And while there are treatment options for anemia, it is important to diagnose the complication early to reduce its effects. Here are six common warning signs that are potential indicators of anemia.

Breathing difficulties
Someone who develops anemia may suffer from breathing difficulties. The irregularity may result from the lungs trying to overcompensate to carry more oxygen. Even a little exertion may lead to symptoms like shortness of breath.

The lack of oxygen in the blood could lead to one experiencing palpitations and feeling anxious simultaneously. An irregular heartbeat is unhealthy as the heart needs to work extra hard to compensate for the lack of oxygen, which could also result in pain in the chest. In severe cases, it could lead to an enlarged heart or failure. Therefore, these signs must be discussed with an expert immediately.

Cold hands and feet
Feeling cold in the feet and hands is usual in cooler temperatures. However, if someone develops these signs out of the ordinary, it could be an indicator of poor blood circulation caused by anemia. The lack of oxygen in the leg muscles could also trigger symptoms of cramping or a tingling sensation in the limbs.

Feeling tired even after a good night’s sleep is a major warning sign of anemia. The symptoms may occur due to low and poorly oxygenated red blood cells and their inability to carry oxygen to the organs. As a result, one may feel weak, lethargic, and exhausted even without doing anything.

Trouble focusing
The lack of oxygenation of the internal organs may result in the deterioration of physical and mental energy levels. As a result, even someone who loves to learn something new may find it unusually difficult to focus if they are affected by anemia.