5 easy home improvement hacks to try today

5 easy home improvement hacks to try today

Home improvement projects are exhausting but can be extremely fun if they are thought through and well-researched. If you want to do some renovation or add a new touch to your home, we recommend starting with something small and seeing how far your DIY skills and ambition take you. Of course, the sky’s the limit but let’s start with your door for now. Here are some easy home improvement hacks that you can try.

Statement doors
This is the first thing anyone notices about your home, so wouldn’t it make sense to work your DIY magic here? Statement doors are a rage right now, and the beauty of it is that while it’s in style, you don’t have to follow any particular style or design. Just go with what resonates with your home decor style. Color it bright, add an expensive door knob, make it look vintage – endless choices to make a statement in your home.

This is very important. Make sure you invest time, money, and energy into adding warmth and ambiance to your home with just the right lighting. The lamps are great; hanging lights are super, too – ensure you can create a comforting and homely vibe. Wouldn’t it be lovely if your guests felt right at home when they visited?

Paint color and texture
This doesn’t have to be too much. Unless, of course, you are looking to follow any particular theme, a well-painted home does combine everything. If you’re not a fan of any textured walls, pick a pastel, calming color that you can add to your wall. Accessorize the wall with the right paintings, wall hangings, and shelves, and you have an elegant setup.

You’d be surprised at how much character this adds to your home. You can choose several options like wooden, marble, or tiles and decide what theme you would like to go for. Of course, you also must consider factors like budget, cleanliness, accessibility, and such. The marble looks great but costs a fortune! Wood adds a beautiful rustic feel, but it can be prone to termites, or if you live in a humid region, it may spoil the wood. So, pick wisely.

Window treatments
This is a great idea to add some pop of color to otherwise plain wall paint. You can try out just using bright, bold colors or even look at painting the windows with some design.