5 easy home improvement hacks to save time and effort

5 easy home improvement hacks to save time and effort

When it comes to home improvement, many find the task challenging. But there are several ways one can cut down on the extra effort. There is a wide range of tips and tricks that can make things easier for you to carry out your remodeling projects without hassle. Check out a few home improvement hacks that will save you time and money without causing any mess around your home space.

Stretch a rubber band over a paint container
When you take up a painting project for your home, you may not think about the extra paint spillage that can happen from your brush. It can make the painting uneven when applied over any surface, such as walls, floors, or furniture. To tackle this, pop an elastic band over the paint can. After each dip of the brush, just gently glide it over the band to remove any extra paint and reduce wastage.

Use a balloon to remove stripped screws
It is tough to remove screws with heads worn out since a drill cannot reach them. An incredible hack that you can use to remove such stripped screws is by using a balloon. You should place the balloon right on top of the stripped screw. Now drill into the screw through the balloon. The friction caused by the balloon will help you pull the screw out successfully.

Fix a pencil to your tape measure
If you are doing a job alone, it can be hard to measure and mark simultaneously. You can make things easier by attaching a pencil using a binder clip to your tape measure. This quick hack will help you measure and make markings without any hassles. Moreover, your hammering and drilling will now be more precise.

Create a DIY squeegee instantly
You don’t have to rush to the hardware store when you need a squeegee urgently while working on a home improvement project. If you have a rake in the garage, you can easily transform it using pipe insulation and cable ties to fasten it to the back of the garden rake. Your DIY squeegee is now ready for use.

Use your old sneakers as ladder bumpers
Forgot to buy those special rubber bumpers to attach to the tops of a ladder? You don’t have to worry as long as there is a pair of sturdy old sneakers lying around the house. Use duct tape to attach each sneaker to each top part of the ladder to protect the siding and walls from damage.