4 worst spots to install security cameras

4 worst spots to install security cameras

Safety and security are the topmost priorities for every homeowner. Today, technology has considerably transformed the functioning of security systems; however, effectively utilizing such technology is essential for enhanced security and vigilance. Security cameras play a crucial role in ensuring safety and security by recording the occurrences on the premises. Installing security cameras at the right places allows one to identify such activities efficiently. Here are some of the worst places to install security cameras:

Behind camera obstructions
Sometimes, certain obstructions to the security camera may not be very evident until the cameras are installed. However, it is essential to thoroughly examine the space to ensure that there are no obstructions that may block the camera’s lens. Any object may pose as an obstruction to the camera’s range of view, from barks of trees in the garden to furniture indoors.

Inside private spaces
While security cameras are intended to ensure safety, installing cameras in private spaces actually implies violating the safety of inhabitants and visitors. Such private spaces include washrooms, changing rooms, and bedrooms. A better idea to ensure safety is to place security cameras in all the common areas leading to these spaces, so that the occupants’ privacy is not compromised even while their safety is ensured.

Pointed at neighbors
While one can place security cameras anywhere inside their premises, cameras faced at one’s neighbor’s homes or gardens can infringe upon their privacy. It is important to place security cameras such that they record only the activities taking place within one’s home or premises.

Pointed at unlikely entrances and spots
The fact is that most burglars enter homes and other private areas through regular front and back entrances, as opposed to unlikely spots. Studies have shown that 34% of burglars sneak into homes through front doors, while 22% enter through the first-floor window. Thus, one may choose to have security cameras at multiple locations, the main entrances, including the main doors and windows, should be monitored at all times.

Having security cameras installed in one’s home is an essential practice to prevent and detect suspicious and criminal activity. The best practice while installing security cameras is to decide on the locations where these cameras should be installed and the areas they should cover.