4 types of shoes every kid should have

4 types of shoes every kid should have

Finding the right shoes for your kids can be tricky. There are hundreds of varieties on the market, featuring different styles, patterns, sizes, etc., which can leave you confused. Besides, your child can’t wear the same shoes they wore to gym class on a playdate. This means you would need to invest in more than one pair. To make things easier, we’ve listed three types of shoes that every parent must buy for their toddler.

Slip-ons are easy for your little ones to wear by themselves. They’re typically worn without socks and are an excellent option for summer. Besides, these are more than just casual shoes, so your kid can wear them on playdates or birthday parties, too.

Brands like TOMS offer dozens of slip-ons in different prints and materials suitable for both boys and girls. The shoes are true to size and adjust to the shape of your toddler’s feet for the best comfort. The price ranges between $30-70.

Snow or rain shoes
Your kid can’t go out in the snow or rain wearing casual sneakers or slip-ons. They’ll need shoes that keep their feet warm, dry, and comfortable. Machine wash shoes are better as footwear can get messy in the rains. You may also want to look for something that stays firm on their feet in different terrains.

KEEN is a sought-after footwear brand that makes waterproof, durable, and quality shoes for toddlers. The shoes have an extra layer of insulation and thermal lining to keep your child’s feet cozy in snowy weather. They’ve got hiking boots as well for slightly older kids.

Kids love to run and jump around all day, and hence they can’t do without sneakers. You’ll need a solid and durable pair of sneakers for your toddler that doesn’t tear easily. At the same time, it should be lightweight and fit comfortably on the feet.

Keds is a popular brand in this category. Keds sneakers for toddlers come with a durable gum outsole and a rough canvas upper. They feature a dual hook and loop closure for quick in and out movements, best for fussy toddlers. The brand’s Big Kid’s Champion CVO sneakers with laces and memory foam is best for your little athlete. Keds also has other patterns, including fancy slip-ons and stylish dressy shoes.

adidas is one of the most popular brands that designs sneakers for young children between the ages of 4 and 11 years. With bold colors and striped patterns, adidas sneakers for kids are available for a number of sports and across popular themed collections. This holiday season, you can save big on adidas Performance, Originals, Five Ten, Essentials and sportswear for kids.

Hiking shoes
There are a lot of kids out there who love to hike. But hiking can be risky, so wearing the right pair of hiking shoes goes a long way in ensuring their safety.

Merrell’s shoes for kids includes a stellar range of hiking boots. These don’t just provide the required safety but also the right level of comfort, support, and durability that your kids will adore. Merrell offers quality, value-for-money hiking boots capable of handling rough terrains similar to adult boots. Further, do check out their other collections as well.