4 reasons for mortgage refinancing

4 reasons for mortgage refinancing

If mortgage refinancing (mtg refi) rates today are low, many homeowners will rush to refinance their mortgages. It is quite appealing to opt for mortgage refinancing when one can secure a lower rate. This often helps in lowering monthly payments. In addition, refinancing helps pay off the mortgage quicker; some even cash out the equity on their home.

Here are few reasons why one should consider mortgage refinancing:

Get a lower interest rate
If mtg refi rates are low, getting a mortgage refinancing makes complete sense. This is because the interest rate on the existing mortgage will get lower. There can be a saving of nearly 1 to 2 percent. With lower interest rates through refinancing, one can save money. Moreover, there will be an increase in the rate of building equity on the house. In addition, monthly payments will become lower. It is usually recommended to opt for refinancing when the interest rate can be lowered by a minimum of 2 percent.

Reduce the loan term
Whenever mtg refi rates fall, homeowners can take the opportunity to get a shorter loan term on an existing loan. However, there won’t be much change in the monthly payments in such cases. The repayment term almost reduces by half, with any change to the monthly payment amount. In some cases, the monthly payment might rise slightly. So, it is important to do the due diligence before opting for mortgage refinancing.

Convert Fixed-rate or ARM
In most cases, adjustable-rate mortgages (ARMs) offer lower rates compared to fixed-rate mortgages. However, if there are periodic adjustments, the rate for an ARM may be more. In such cases, it is beneficial to convert to a fixed-rate mortgage with lower interest rates. This will help in securing against future hikes in the rates. On the other hand, for homeowners who do not plan to stay in their current homes and want to quickly pay off the monthly payments, converting a fixed rate to ARM is beneficial. This is useful if the mtg refi rates for ARM are falling.

Get some quick equity
No matter what the mtg refi rates are today, refinancing a mortgage can be risky. Hence, homeowners must have a solid reason to want to go the refinancing way. For many, a major emergency expense often requires them to tap into the equity of their homes. In such cases, mortgage refinancing can be a sound decision. College education, home remodeling, or medical emergency are some of the reasons why some prefer to refinance their mortgage.