4 mistakes to avoid while bathing and showering

4 mistakes to avoid while bathing and showering

Bathing and showering are one of the most common practices across the globe. We’ve been doing it ever since we were little children. It helps us stay clean and healthy while helping us relax and remain stress-free for some time. Another thing that makes bathing and showering fun is that there are no strict rules to it. That being said, there are definitely some things that we’ve been doing wrong and should avoid.

Taking long showers
It’s natural to want to take a long, hot shower after a day at work. Hot showers are not only soothing, but they also get rid of all the day’s dirt and grime. Unfortunately, if you stay in the shower for too long, you may also be getting rid of all the essential and natural oils that the body produces. These natural oils protect the skin and prevent it from peeling and cracking. The ideal amount of time to spend in the shower is roughly 10 minutes. Anything more, and you could be doing more bad than good.

Excessive scrubbing
Another showering and bathing mistake is scrubbing ourselves too hard. Using a loofah to scrub your hands and back, and digging your nails into the scalp can damage your skin. It can lead to redness, rashes, and even dryness. Instead of using loofahs or scrubbing too furiously, simply use your hands to gently massage and clean yourself.

Using too much soap
We enjoy using soaps and body washes while in the shower. But it is important to remember that soap can contain lots of chemicals. If used for long periods on your body, the chemicals can lead to damage. So, instead of lathering up and building foam on your body, use a little bit of soap both on your body and your head.
Many cleansers, soaps, and body washes also contain harsh chemicals which can strip the skin of its natural oils, leading to itchy skin. To avoid this, use hypoallergenic cleansers during your shower. Moisturizing your skin while wet can also help reduce the tight and itchy sensation and keep your skin supple and hydrated.

Using a harsh towel
Your skin is sensitive after you get out of the shower. Using a harsh towel can lead to irritation and rid the skin of essential oils. Instead, opt for a soft towel with a higher thread count. These are much gentler on the skin.

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