4 cancer-causing foods to avoid

4 cancer-causing foods to avoid

Eating certain foods can be hazardous to one’s health. In fact, unhealthy foods, coupled with unhealthy eating schedules, are the primary cause of cancer in a vast majority of individuals with the condition. Now, there are several foods that fall into this category. While each food listed here may contribute to other health hazards, the common thread that connects them is their specific carcinogenic components. Here are the foods that can cause cancer:

White bread
Refined carbohydrates and refined sugar are directly linked to increasing the risk of cancer in individuals. So, foods such as white bread, white rice, white pasta, baked sweets such as cakes and pastries, and sugar-heavy cereals need to be eaten in moderation or avoided altogether to keep cancer at bay.

Refined carbohydrates are chemically stripped of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and other natural components that make them organically healthy. So, foods containing refined carbs and sugars can increase a person’s blood sugar and enhance the possibility of developing colorectal cancer and other malignancies.

Farmed salmon
Like other farmed fishes, farmed salmon leave consumers vulnerable to cancer if eaten regularly. Such fish are farmed and commercially raised in huge quantities. For preservation, farmers and businesses that farm and sell this kind of fish use a host of pesticides, antibiotics, and antivirals. These chemicals, used to prevent bacterial and parasitic growth in their fishes, have carcinogenic characteristics.

Farmed fish does not even contain large quantities of omega-3 fatty acids, the main nourishing element found in non-farmed fish that is useful to fight cancer-causing elements.

French fries
Deep-fried foods are among the worst from any health-related perspective. Fried foods contain a compound known as acrylamide. Like other fried, starch-heavy foods, French fries also contain massive amounts of this chemical. Several research studies have found that acrylamide has serious carcinogenic properties, damages the DNA in a cell, and can eventually cause its death.

Additionally, fried foods also boost oxidative stress and inflammation, two of the greatest triggers of cancer.

Beef and pork
Red meat contains a classified Group 2A carcinogen. Thus, foods such as beef, pork, lamb, and others can lead to individuals developing bowel and stomach cancer. Therefore, one must avoid eating too much red meat in their daily meals. Besides red meat, processed meat also contains many preservatives and other chemical components that can cause cancer in the long run.