Top 4 online psychiatry platforms

Top 4 online psychiatry platforms

Technological advancements have enabled access to therapy from the comfort of home. So, psychiatrists can provide their services via virtual sessions. Online psychiatry services are especially beneficial for those who may not be able to visit a mental health professional in person or those who can not find suitable therapists nearby. Today, several online platforms facilitate psychiatric consultations. To make choosing a provider easier, here are some of the best platforms one can consider:

1. Teladoc
Teladoc is among the most reputed online platforms for accessing therapy and psychiatric consultation. One of the platform’s key features is the option to choose a therapist or psychiatrist. One can see if they are comfortable with their choice and then continue to consult the same therapist for all sessions or choose a different one. This platform is accessible through both website and mobile application. So, users can attend therapy sessions via video chats on the electronic device of their choice. Another great feature of this platform is its pay-per-session model instead of a fixed subscription model. So, one can schedule and skip sessions if necessary.

2. Talkspace
Talkspace is another great platform for online therapy and psychiatrist consultation. It offers a different approach when it comes to choosing a therapist. The platform asks users to take an assessment based on which they are matched with the most suitable psychiatrist. If one wishes to switch their provider, they can do that for no additional cost. A great thing about Talkspace is that, along with live video consultations, it offers call and text consultations at a lower price.

3. Brightside
Brightside is another common online service provider that offers psychotherapy and psychiatric consultations. This platform also offers consultations via live video chats and instant messaging, so one can text their therapist at any time. This is a subscription based service that charges users on a monthly basis. Like Talkspace, Brightside also asks users to take an assessment to match them with the most suitable psychiatrist.

4. Amwell
Amwell offers multiple types of therapy (besides individual therapy), such as couples therapy, family therapy, teen counseling, and more, all at the same cost. Additionally, it offers psychiatric consultation and disorder management for adults and children. The platform is accessible via its website and app. It only offers live video consultations but allows users to message their therapists.